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 Attend a webinar

Attend a webinar

An even better way to stay in the know about cyber security and discover how to keep your data and money safe is to attend one of the free webinars offered at Symantec. Symantec wants consumers to be informed and that’s why there are so many opportunities for users like you to learn more about the products you can use to guard yourself against security threats. Some of the latest webinars presented on topics like:

-Benefits of Endpoint detection
-The latest product launches
-New Cloud security trends
-How to secure mobile devices
-And more

There are so many ways customers can stay active and engaged and joining a webinar is one of the best ways to stay updated. Missed the date? Don’t worry. You can find an archived collection of videos from past webinars and check out the dates for future ones.

More secure savings opportunities

 Go to an event

Go to an event

If you are looking to get involved and learn more about the latest security products offered at Symantec, why not attend one of the amazing events happening year round throughout the country? Head to the event page to find a list of future events and locations as well as some past events. Interact with other Symantec users, find out about exclusive offers, and meet high level people discussing issues that matter to you most.
 Subscribe to the mailing list

Subscribe to the mailing list

Want to find out about product updates, new services, and special Symantec coupons right when they come out? Join the mailing list and enter your email online to receive the latest news. Be the first to discover new Symantec coupon codes delivered right to your inbox so you’ll never miss out on a chance to save.
 Follow on social media

Follow on social media

Don’t want to receive emails and can’t always remember to check the Symantec forums? Follow them on social media to stay in the know without having to create an account with Symantec or officially subscribe. Learn about new events happening near you, informative webinars, and tips on how to secure your devices. Find Symantec on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube.

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Unlock deals with Symantec coupon codes

Everyone thinks that their data is safe and they’ll never be victims of data theft. The truth is that it can happen to anyone, even you. That’s why services from Symantec are more important than ever to keep your data protected. The best part is, you can save on the dozens of services offered when you use a Symantec coupon code. Recently, some of the best Symantec coupon codes have come out to use on products and services like:

-Information and advanced threat protection
-Email and cyber security
-Endpoint, web and cloud app security services
-And way more

Find savings on all kinds of products and services that will keep you safe and won’t break the bank with a Symantec coupon code.

More ways to use Symantec coupons

Once you have a Symantec coupon, you’ll be able to save on all kinds of products and services. Check the details of your specific Symantec coupon because most work on different security brands like:

-ID Analytics
-DigiCert Website Security

Save on the security brands that have been trusted by so many when you use a Symantec coupon. How do you know if you need security services? Whether you are trying to protect your business documents or personal files, you won’t find better security or a better deal than when you use a Symantec discount code to save across all sectors like:

-Federal and local government
-Financial services
-Automotive companies
-And more

Don’t wait until you get hacked. Find a Symantec discount code and go online to find the perfect products and services that will save you loads and give you peace of mind.

Get your free trial

Not sure you need the protection services and products offered at Symantec? Try it out before you commit to making a purchase with the free trials available on loads of products. You’ll be able to download the product to your device and test out some of the features before you or your organization commits to the service. Simply:

Browse the dozens of product and services online when you click the Products & Services tab
Select the product you are interested in
Read the product overview, resources and system requirements on the product page
Click the Free Trial button located at the top right of the product page next to the Buy button
Follow the instructions to fill out the form with you and your company’s contact information
Agree to the terms and conditions and click Submit
Wait until you are taken to the download page

Certain products and services do not come with a free trial so keep that in mind when shopping. Once you are ready to make a purchase, it is easy to view your options and activate your full product. There’s no need to enter a Symantec promo code to access these free services. Just head online, browse the store, and click the free trial.

Read the blog

There are so many products available and conflicting information about how to keep your data safe. How can you trust everything online? When you check out the official Symantec blog on the website, you’ll find loads of useful information on all of the latest security technology. Whether you already use the products offered at Symantec or aren’t sure what to use yet, you can learn so much when you read the blog. Check out the latest blog posts from experts for information on:

-How to keep your mobile device apps safe
-Election security issues and concerns
-Insights on the latest products offered at Symantec

These aren’t your average blog posts and think pieces. You’ll find information from real journalists and experts tackling some of the biggest security questions of today. Learn more about how to use your products and keep your information protected.
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