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Why We’re Here

Learn about CNN Coupons

Let CNN Coupons help you save money with the best coupons and valid online deals.

CNN Coupons and Global Savings Group (GSG) are a collaborative team working together to share the best online deals, so you spend less every time you shop.

Specialized knowledge

What motivated us to partner with GSG

When we decided to launch CNN Coupons, we made sure we found the most qualified partner. We teamed up with GSG, a highly respected company known worldwide for their expertise and dedication to quality.

With over a decade of experience in the field, GSG has connections with thousands of major advertisers globally. Joining forces with them has enabled CNN to enhance our savings content.

Our Strategic Partnership

How our collaboration works

Publishing the content you find on CNN Coupons is a lengthy process that involves thorough vetting of everything on the website. We follow the same shopping journey as you would. We find deals and codes on retailers’ websites, add items to our cart, and make sure the discounts apply during check out. And, our checks don’t stop there. We continue to verify these offers every day by hand-testing them to confirm they’re still valid

Our closely integrated teams work seamlessly together, and we conduct frequent audits to maintain top-notch content quality.

Our collaborative partnership helps us reach our shared goal to help you save money quickly and easily every time you shop online. As we continue to work together to create an even stronger alliance, we'll keep expanding our services and enhancing the saving opportunities we provide.

Editorial Supervision

Quality benchmarks and content oversight

The content you see on CNN Coupons is meticulously curated by  dedicated in-house editors at GSG. They diligently source, review, and edit thousands of deals each day. We promise you will find amazing savings on everything you need.

At CNN, a team closely supervises the content created by these expert editors, and shares expertise and unique knowledge about the market. This ensures our content aligns with the quality content you expect.

If you’re curious about our process for sourcing and verifying offers, click the link below for more information.

Business Operations

How do we make money?

When you use a coupon from our site to get a discount, we receive a small commission. This commission is shared between CNN and GSG.

Our main aim is to help you save as much as possible. The better we are at that, the more we earn. We're so committed to helping you save that we offer all the discounts we can find, even those that don't earn us a commission. Plus, we prioritize your privacy — we never collect or sell your information.

Overall, our model is a win-win situation for everyone involved — especially you, because it means more savings at your fingertips!

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