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How does CNN Coupons work?

Every relationship relies on trust, so it’s important to us to be transparent about how we operate. Where do we find the details about the codes and deals you see on one of the thousands of store pages on our website? How do we know they work?

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes work we do at CNN Coupons. You’ll discover how we hunt for the offers we publish and the steps we go through to make sure they’re valid. From hand-testing each code to staying on top of the latest flash sales, we’re here to reveal all of our best tips and tricks.

Where do we find our coupons?

  • We work with affiliate networks and retail partners

    We source a lot of codes and deals because of our close relationships with retail partners and affiliate networks.

    Working directly with the most well-known brands in the world allows us to share intel on top deals and trending online discounts. We’re the first to know what’s going to be marked down, and we pass on that information to you.

    Of course, we all know what retailers are and how they operate, but what are affiliate networks? These networks act as the middleman between CNN Coupons and retailers. Affiliates distribute offer details on behalf of the retailers. And sometimes, affiliates even have special offers that you won’t find on the retailer’s website.

    Because these offers come straight from retailers and affiliate networks that work with them, you know they’re reliable. And, thanks to our close communications with both, we’re the first to know about upcoming discounts. That means we can update our pages quickly, so you can be sure you’re always getting the most up-to-date ways to save.

  • We get exclusive discounts

    Exclusive discounts are ones that you’ll only find on our page. These special, limited-time deals and codes are only available to smart CNN Coupons shoppers, like you.

    As you’ve learned, we collaborate closely with retailers. This allows us to negotiate the best discounts and exclusive codes directly with them. Then, we pass those savings on to you. So, in addition to getting insider information about upcoming deals, we’re also able to offer one-of-a-kind discounts. Plus, we constantly strive to get even bigger and better discounts to pass along to you.

  • We find them ourselves

    Our team of expert shopping editors find new deals every day by doing just what you do – browsing retailers’ websites.

    We spend countless hours scrolling through websites to find all the discounts you’re looking for. From sitewide flash sales to product-specific markdowns, we scour your favorite stores to find all the best deals.

    We also check popular search engines to make sure we’re not missing anything. Then, we publish all the money-saving offers you’re looking for in one convenient place. All of our efforts are worth it because we know we’re helping you get the very best prices when you shop online.

How do we ensure quality?

To put it simply, we test every single offer. We take our jobs seriously, and we want you to know you’re getting a good deal when you use coupons from our page. Part of earning your trust is ensuring that every deal works. To that end, we hand test all the offers we publish to make sure they work.

How do we do that? We shop! We visit retailers’ websites, add items to shopping carts, and go through check-out steps to make sure all the discounts apply to the order totals.

This manual verification process is time-consuming but worth it. In fact, we constantly source and check every offer, thanks to our team that works virtually around the clock every single day of the year.

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