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First Responders Save the Day and Some Money

Written by:Caitlin McIntyre
Published:Feb 2, 2024
3 mins reading time
Group of medical providers sitting on a bench

Every day, first responders put themselves on the line to keep us all safe. From firefighters to police officers to paramedics, they all play a vital role in helping us. As a small way of saying thank you, retailers like AT&T, Pandora, and EveryPlate, have discounts just for members of this special group.

Essential savings for essential workers

Female firefighter

There are millions of essential workers in the U.S., and countless retailers who give special discounts to honor them for their commitment. AT&T offers essential workers one of the biggest discounts of any retailer. If you’re a qualifying first responder, you can save up to 25% off unlimited plans for all phones with a special AT&T wireless promo code

Not only will you get to take advantage of this sweet deal, but you can take care of your entire family, too. You’ll be able to sign up for lines for less than $27 per month per line. This is the best price you can get on unlimited plans at AT&T, and it will save you an average of $600 every year.

On top of that, first responders can also get FirstNet, the mission-critical wireless network, for 25% off. This network provides priority connections over commercial traffic, which means you can connect from just about anywhere. Monthly plans start as low as $37.50 per line and include 4K HD streaming, 5G access, unlimited texting, and more. 

These discounts are available to active employees and volunteer firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, nurses, physicians, medical professionals, and other healthcare workers. 

This is an easy way to save on your wireless bill. Take advantage of the little things.

Knights in shining … jewelry

Female nurse in the hospital

First responders are modern-day knights in shining armor. But, instead of armor, they come in scrubs, uniforms, and personal protective gear. You can add a little bling to your superhero attire with Pandora jewelry. 

Pandora supports the endeavors of all courageous workers by offering 10% off Pandora coupon codes. This discount is available to people in a range of professions, including first responders, 911 dispatchers, medical providers, and hospital employees.

So, whether you’re on a budget and looking for the best-selling Beaded Open Heart Charm to add to your Pandora bracelet or want to gift a Classic Cable Chain necklace to someone, you’ve got a way to save. 

There’s also jewelry in the sale section that you can purchase for up to 50% off. Check-in for a little retail therapy to thank yourself for all of your hard work. This is a guilt-free way to give yourself a break, considering all the money that you’ll save. 

When you’re ready to check out, the steps to redeem your coupon code are easy. Once you have all of your items picked out, take a few extra steps to verify your information with Id.me, and you’re on your way to saving. Plus, no matter what you spend, you’ll get free shipping.

Rescue your wallet from food expenses

Smiling man and woman police officers

Whether you are eating at a restaurant or grocery shopping, food can be expensive. Cooking can be time-consuming, and it may even feel like a chore. That’s why EveryPlate creates affordable and delicious meals that are ready to cook. No more wasting your hard-earned money and free time at the grocery store. 

Right now, critical workers save up to 75% on their first order, plus free shipping on all meals moving forward. In addition, you can take advantage of a 15% off EveryPlate discount code to use for all future boxes for the rest of the year, too. 

You can choose from 26 meals with easy-to-follow recipes, and they’ll be delivered straight to your front door. You won’t even have to leave the house to enjoy meals with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Plans can feed between two and four people, and you can order meals for up to six days per week. EveryPlate can save you or your family up to 50% compared to shopping at grocery stores. 

We know that life is busy, so this discount can help you enjoy an easy, delicious meal. 

These are just a few stores out of many where you can get discounts that show appreciation for all the hard work that you do. These extra savings from AT&T, Pandora, and EveryPlate can make life just a little bit easier.

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