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9 fantastic tips to save on a Halloween costume, accessories, and decoration

Published:Oct 15, 2021
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Halloween is the spookiest and most exciting time of the year. Everyone is ready to get a perfect costume and step out to get some candy! However, spending too much on an outfit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so here are some tips to save on a Halloween costume!

Save cash on Halloween costumes, accessories, and decorations.

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most awaited nights of the year, especially for children, because who doesn’t love candy? But the fun isn’t just for them, and even adults are super excited about getting their hands on a creepy costume and enjoy the Halloween dinner. But, of course, one can’t forget about the décor and accessories now, can they? The house must look spooky and has to go with the theme.

However, many people don’t wish to spend a lot of money on getting one costume they might not even use again. U.S customers alone spend about 8.78 dollars on costumes every year! Well, here with the perfect tips for you to save money on Halloween while enjoying it to its fullest.

1. Buy Candy in Bulk as Much as Possible

Halloween is known for the eerie feeling and lots of yummy candy. Well, it’s not as fun if you’re an adult giving most of it away because your only job is to spend money on it. Nevertheless, if you’re smart about it, you can save some money on something as minor as candy too!

Here is how you do it: make purchases in bulk from the same store instead of going to different stores for various candies. As a result, you find the classics everywhere; for example, lollipops and tootsie rolls are in every shop in large bags!

Don’t get us wrong, and we don’t suggest going on a candy spree and buying excessive candy in bulk. Instead, get the quantity that you need, even if it’s tempting to you. That way, you can save money to get your hands on other items like costumes for pets and other décor material at a lower cost! Etsy has some great things in stock for you.

2. Thrift Shopping Never Hurts

Many people shy away from thrift stores, but they are perfect for purchasing items you will only wear once a year. It isn’t wise to move away from your budget for Halloween and spend extra money on a costume only because your preference is a new one. Once you step into the world of thrift stores, you will find good-quality costumes at as little as $2!

Thrift stores are great to find costumes; all you need is to have a keen eye to find such costumes for yourself. Some of them are as good as new and not even worn once!

Not only costumes, but you can also find good decorations and accessories at thrift stores too. If you buy more, you save more! You can even use a coupon or enter at the time of a sale to do justice to your wallet. So instead of running away from thrift shopping, it’s time for you to enter the store and see how beneficial it can be.

3. Keep an Eye for Sales

Saving money isn’t a one-night process, people; You need to be on a high alert at all times. Countless sales start taking place at the beginning of October, especially for costumes.

One such sales section belongs to Chasing Fireflies. You might think this online store shopping won’t be worth it, but it truly is because the navigation is easy, and everything is categorized! Devil, Ghosts, Marvel, and family costumes: you will find it all there!

They offer excellent discounts on specific accessories that you can add to your costumes to make your look unique. You will fall in love with their variety of costumes for adults and children alike.

It will help you purchase the items your children will love at prices that your pockets will allow you to spend on. What a perfect way to keep everyone happy!

4. Set Aside a Halloween Budget

The first step savers take is preparing a budget. They never blindly pick a number and decide that is their budget. Instead, you need to focus on proper costing and how much you have to spend on different parts of the Halloween event like décor, costumes, candy, dinner, etc.; once you have an estimate, add a few extra dollars to your final budget to be on the safe side.

Don’t get overexcited when you see pumpkins with the urge of saving them all from the pumpkin patch, and it won’t be a pretty sight later when you look at your wallet. Instead, make sure you stick to your budget for every dime you spend. Strictly following it will help you save some money for impulsive purchases that might arise.

Sticking to a budget is never easy because you want everything in the world to have the best Halloween décor out there, but there is no competition, so be clever and save your hard-earned money.

5. Off-season Shopping

Off-season shopping is a great technique to get amazing costumes and decor at a lower price. But, of course, everyone knows that prices of these Halloween items start peaking when the event is close; the catch is to plan for next year’s décor and costumes right now!

Once Halloween is over, you will notice plenty of sales taking place because stores want to sell off the remaining stock. The prices generally decrease because no one wants costumes for the rest of the year. So, you can use it to your advantage by going for off-season Halloween shopping and use coupons from Party City which offers everything you need for a Halloween party.

That way, you will get everything at a lower price and won’t have to worry next year at the last minute about the theme of the party. So, it’s time to head out and get some Halloween items before next year strikes with peak prices.

6. Use Coupons

Many people don’t realize, but coupons are exceptional when it comes to saving money. They have been around the longest, and these classics never go wrong when it comes to making it easy on your pockets.

You can use coupons for almost everything. They waive off many additional costs like delivery charges and even offer hefty discounts on items. If your children are going crazy for a new Disney themes costume, then shopDisney is the perfect choice for you! You can use their coupons to get up to 40 percent off on various costumes for your children.

8. DIY is Never a Bad Idea

There is no harm in being creative yourself. DIY has been saving people a lot of money for centuries, so why not use this fantastic method to save money? Instead of purchasing expensive décor, you can make some things at home with the help of a creative friend.

You can have a decent DIY graveyard with the help of cardboard cutouts and make paper bats add to the spooky look of a cemetery. You can also go for eerie ghost balloons by taking a white balloon and drawing a scary face on them. You can even use puff paint to make impressive spider webs for the party décor.

Also, dinner is never cheap when it comes to Halloween. The best idea is to stick to one or two excellent dishes for dinner and make them at home. Yes, it takes some additional time and effort but allows you to save a fortune! If you feel you won’t do it all yourself, ask a friend or family member to coke and help you.

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