Hands down, the best way to save money on your purchases, and get exclusive discounts, is with a PowerUp Rewards membership.
There are two membership levels to choose from: Player, which is free, and Pro, with two price options. The first Pro tier starts at $14.99 for the year and comes with a digital copy of “Game Informer” magazine. For an additional $5, or $19.99 per year, you get a hard copy of the magazine sent to your home each month. The choice is yours: Put on your blue light glasses and save a little, or spend a bit more to enjoy mail in the box and the fresh smell of printing ink.

To help you decide which membership is right for you, we’ll cover the benefits of both Player and Pro memberships. Members at both levels can:

1. Earn points, then cash in

Every dollar you spend at GameStop automatically earns points that you can cash in. You have four ways to spend your points:

  • Use points for in-store GameStop coupons. These physical coupons are known as “Reward Certificates” and can only be used in person.
  • Get online coupons to apply to your digital purchases. Online coupons can be applied to in-stock items on the site.
  • Give donations to charity. You can opt to turn your reward points into cash contributions for charities such as Make-A-Wish, an organization that makes dreams come true for children with critical illnesses, and Extra Life, which unites gamers around the world in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • Renew your Pro membership. Instead of spending cash to pay for next year’s annual Pro membership, buy that renewal with points.

While spending money is an obvious way to earn points, there are many other avenues you can take to earn additional points, including:

  • Bumping up a membership level. A base Player membership gives you 10 points for every $1 spent. But, the points really multiply at the Pro level, where you earn double the points for each dollar spent.
  • Making trades at GameStop. Trade in your old games and enjoy new ones, all while racking up points.
  • Checking in at stores. When you visit a store, simply check in using the GameStop app to earn points every time.
  • Completing your online profile. Spend five minutes filling out your online profile to tack on extra points.
  • Participating in surveys. Occasionally, GameStop sends short interest surveys to its members. Fill one out for another easy way to earn more points.

2. See active offers and store downloadable codes and promotions in the Digital Locker

We all know promo codes are great, but no one enjoys figuring out how to find them and then determining whether or not they’re still active.

Luckily, members can keep everything nicely organized in the Digital Locker. There, you can store all downloadable codes and promotions in one convenient place with easy access when you log in. Just click the “Active Offers” section to see how you can take advantage of your membership. Whether you are on a desktop or using the GameStop app, all your codes will always have a home in the Digital Locker.

You can also stop by our coupons page to find the best money-saving GameStop promo codes, conveniently collected in one place. Simply add them to your order to bump up your savings.

3. Receive exclusive offers and access to events

GameStop keeps things special by featuring exclusive offers and events only available to PowerUp Rewards members. You can find these in the app or by checking out the GameStop weekly ad, which is a handy way to keep track of the latest promotions and point-earning opportunities. Often, there are free gifts when you make specific purchases, so it’s definitely worth checking out before you … check out.

4. Get a gift on your birthday

When you blow out your birthday candles, do you wish for another pair of socks from your mom or do you wish for something you actually want? Members don’t have to wish, because GameStop makes their dreams reality with a special birthday gift. Most recently, the store gave birthday boys and girls 20% off a preowned game.

5. Apply for a GameStop credit card

Only PowerUp Rewards members are eligible to apply for a store credit card. Player members get 5,000 bonus points for opening a credit card, and Pro members receive 15,000 points when opening a card. Cardholders also receive an extra 5,000 points for every $250 spent each year. If you’re a frequent GameStop shopper, this card really maximizes the total points you can earn.

6. Level up to Pro

If you thought these benefits were good, wait until you learn more about the Pro level perks. When you upgrade to a Pro membership, you’ll receive:

A $5 Welcome Certificate for signing up

You don’t have to lift a finger (beyond clicking “Sign Up”) to receive your first Pro benefit: A $5 welcome gift just for joining. Will your first Pro purchase be a Funko collectible to commemorate the special occasion or maybe a PlayStation 5? The world of GameStop is your oyster.

A $5 Reward Coupon each month

The $5 off coupons don’t stop after you sign up. Every month, you’ll receive a Reward Coupon you can use to save. That’s a total of $60 in savings you get without doing a thing. Act fast to use them, though, because they expire at the end of each month.

One free subscription to “Game Informer” magazine

As mentioned above, the cost of your Pro membership differs based on your choice of a digital or hard copy of “Game Informer” magazine. For $14.99, you’ll get access to the digital version, and for $19.99 you’ll receive the magazine in the mail. This is a personal choice. Do you like to stack your magazines and display them along with your collectibles? Does the magazine become a collectible itself? Is this just a stack of magazines or is it something more? Only you know.

Double points for every dollar you spend

Pro members earn 20 points per dollar spent, compared to the 10 points Player level members earn. The faster you rack up points, the faster you’ll be able to cash in on vouchers for more savings or give back by supporting meaningful charities. Whether you’re saving money or donating it to help those in need, double points equals double good vibes.

An extra 10% trade-in credit on games, accessories and tech

Earning extra credit as a Pro member is virtually stress free. When you trade in an old game, gaming system or headset, you’ll get 10% off the purchase of new items.

Exclusive offers and savings during Pro Day sales

GameStop’s Pro Day sale is one of the best times to reap major savings on games, accessories and collectibles. This 24-hour sale is major for gamers looking to score deals. Pro members have to be signed into their account to access the sale online, and deals are also available in the store.

Pro Day sales have featured savings of up to 50% on popular game titles, Nintendo Switch controllers and cases, PS4 games and Xbox games and controllers.

The option to renew your membership automatically

Pro members can take advantage of one less calendar to-do item by choosing to renew their membership automatically. By choosing that option, you’ll never find yourself making purchases that aren’t earning points. What’s the value of not worrying about another important expiration date? Priceless.

At its core, gaming is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. By signing up for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards, you’ll have a good time from start to finish. Level up to start shopping and saving, so you can get to the best part: playing.