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TV Sales

Snag the best prices on television models of all shapes, sizes, and resolutions when you shop these TV deals.

Snag Great TV Deals From Your Favorite Brands

Get all the best discounts on TVs of every size when you shop the exclusive coupons and offers available from these brands.

6 Tips to Save on Your New TV

Shop sales

As always, keep an eye out for sales, and buy a new TV when the timing is right. For example, TV prices usually go up right after the holidays, but then plunge around the time of the Super Bowl, so shop smart and make sure you get a good TV sale before you buy.

Bigger isn’t always better

Don’t spend extra on a drive-in-sized TV if you’re going to be sitting right in front of it. Why pay more just to be uncomfortable craning your neck? There are plenty of guides that help you choose a TV size for your space, so check out one of those and make sure you're getting a TV that's just right.

Save on your energy bill

Part of the trend with electronics becoming faster and better is energy efficiency – but not all manufacturers prioritize this piece of criteria. By doing a little bit of research up front, you can save on your energy bill with a more efficient TV.

Skip the Smart TV

If you already have a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire, you might want to put that to good use and skip out on opting for a smart TV, which should save you at least a couple hundred dollars.

Don’t buy the extended warranty

Most TVs are going to come with a warranty which will cover any flaws or mishaps that might occur between buying the TV and getting it set up back home. So unless you plan on moving your TV multiple times throughout its lifespan, then just set and forget it – without the extended warranty.


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