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      Tips for Buying Essential School Supplies

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      Notebooks & Binders

      Notebooks are available in all shapes and sizes from mini pocket notepads to five-subject spiral-bound notebooks. The type of notebooks, paper, or binders your kids will need typically depends on the grade they're in and the requirements of the school. But, some common choices include spiral notebooks, composition books, three-ring binders, and writing pads.

      Notebooks may feature college or wide-ruled paper or even graph paper, and many of them are also three-hole punched so your kids can store them easily in their favorite binder. You can often save money by purchasing packs of notebooks or larger binders with filler paper rather than purchasing individual notebooks, depending on your child’s age and their school’s preference.

      Pencils & Pens

      Regardless of age or grade, students of all ages always need something to write with. Whether they need pens or pencils, or both, it’s important to consider the various types available and which will suit you or your child’s needs.

      For pencils, make sure you choose #2 type pencils. Most schools require this type of graphite in order to fill in standardized tests, scantrons, and other machine-read test sheets. Plus, #2 pencils are the easiest to find anyway, so you’ll most likely have a better time finding them than any other type, regardless of if you choose wooden traditional pencils or mechanical pencils with refillable lead.

      For pens, ballpoint pens are the traditional choice - they’re ideal for quick-drying traditional-colored ink. These low-maintenance pens are generally multifunction and disposable. Gel pens, on the other hand, use a water-based ink and they're available in multiple shades. They're a good choice for those who don't want to replace their pen every week, and offer a bit more color payoff, which can be great for those who need more contrast on the page.

      Highlighters & Markers

      Using a highlighter for calling attention to specific information is a great habit for kids to learn in their studies, but it’s important to make sure you purchase the right highlighters for school. Highlighters and markers are also useful additions to your child's art supply collection.

      The tip size is an important feature to consider when shopping for highlighters, as small texts require a highlighter with a small tip, while highlighters with wider tips work well with larger fonts, so generally, choose smaller highlighters for older kids and bigger for younger kids.

      Additionally, some highlighters are erasable, which may come in handy for adjusting studying highlights or correcting notes. They can also come in handy for accidental marks on school textbooks. Make sure you look for fast drying highlighters to avoid smearing the ink and getting spots on the back of the pages.

      Art Supplies

      For younger students, art supplies like markers, crayons, and glue sticks are often required on their school supply list. Choosing well-known brands like Crayola and Elmer along with materials that say ‘washable’ and ‘non-toxic’ are key when selecting paints and markers. This helps students stay safe and clean, while still having a fun time stimulating their creativity with arts and crafts.


      In addition to traditional paper and writing utensils, older children will generally need a scientific or graphing calculator for the higher level math classes. These calculators are useful when it comes to geometric or algebraic equations because they help students visualize various concepts.

      When shopping for a graphing calculator, make sure you purchase a model that's the permitted for the tests your child is going to take, such as SATs, AP, ACT or others, as not all calculators are allowed on all tests.