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      Get the Best Cell Phone Deals on Apple & Android Devices

      Snag great deals up to 50% OFF cell phones with exclusive discounts from all your favorite brands like Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, & Apple!

      Get Your Next Phone For Less

      With nearly everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket and the latest model offering increasingly more amazing features, getting a great deal on a new phone is at the top of everyone’s minds.

      We all want to keep in touch with our loved ones, browse social media, and surf the net on a sleek, new cell phone model, but none of us want to pay a fortune for it. That’s where we come in - we have all the best coupons and discounts from all the biggest providers in the nation.

      Expect to find amazing deals from Apple, Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, and more, plus huge discounts on accessories and plans to go along with your brand new phone. In addition to our great deals, check out these tried and true savings tips to help you get the best possible price on your new phone.

      1. Find Out Which Phones Have Promos

      Retailers and cell phone companies are constantly offering different promos on various smartphone models, so if you’re in the market for a new phone, your best bet is to find out which models are on a special.

      If you’re looking for a specific phone model, shop around at different providers to see who’s offering the best deal, or, alternatively, wait until your provider is offering a special on that specific phone model.

      2. Trade-In Your Old Phone (Or Sell It)

      Another popular way to save money on your new phone is to trade in your current phone for a discounted price on the new model. Most retailers and cell phone providers offer a trade-in discount, so just like buying a new car, you can get a reduced price when you trade-in that old phone. Alternatively, if you can get a better price by selling your old phone third-party, you can always sell your phone and use the profit as a down payment on the new model.

      The best advice for either of these paths is to first do your research - find out about how much people are buying your current phone for and how much you’ll be offered with a trade-in, then choose the most cost-effective option!

      3. Check for Student Discounts

      If you’re in college and shopping for a new phone, you’re in luck! Most cell phone providers offer a student discount when you show your school ID or sign up through a service like UniDays. You could even get a discount that can stack with other money-saving tips, so make sure you check before you buy!

      4. Shop Last Year’s Model

      If there are no promos running on the latest phone model, last year’s model may be the best way to save money and still get a brand new phone. Often, there are only one or two features that differ from year to year, so getting the next-to-newest model will still get you everything you wanted, and at a significant discount.

      5. Call Your Provider & Ask For a Deal

      One of the insider tips we found that many savings-savvy buyers recommend is to call up your cell phone provider and tell them you’re in the market for a new phone. You can tell them the model you’re after and get a quote, but then haggle with them a little. Almost every time, you’ll be offered an additional discount to keep you from having to pay full price on a new phone!