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15 Tips for Saving on Your Next Rental Car

There are many different, and perhaps surprising, ways you can save some extra cash renting a car for your next vacation, business trip, or a big move. Here are some tips so you can maximize your dollar when reserving your next rental car..

1. Booking in advance

As soon as you think you’ll need a rental car, search the web for the current prices. Try and book your rental 3 to 6 months in advance, or as soon as you know you’ll need it.

2. Select the smallest, cheapest car

Try to choose a subcompact car or the smallest model that the company offers. These cars are the least expensive due to their size and usually, you’ll receive a larger car at no extra charge when you pick it up anyway.

3. Check for AAA discounts

Already AAA member? You could be eligible for up to 20% off of your rental car booking simply by having a membership. Best of all, you could save on your rental car in countries throughout the world.

4. Earn more for your rentals

Consider joining the loyalty program of one of the bigger rental companies like Hertz, National, Avis, or Enterprise. You’ll be able to earn rewards, receive special benefits and get exclusive offers by renting from the same company.

5. Military and service member discounts

Many companies offer a military discount of up to 25% off or a free car upgrade, so service members and veterans can save money on their rental. Just remember to bring your military identification when you pick up the car.

6. Rent outside of the airport

If you have time to spare after you land, consider picking up your car at a location outside of the airport. You’ll be able to avoid extra fees, taxes, and surcharges that are intended to tax visitors as opposed to residents.

7. Reduce travel costs with senior discounts

Most rental companies offer a discount for customers who are 50 years or older. You might also get additional benefits if you have an AARP membership or are apart of another senior discount program.

8. Compare prices before you commit

Don’t settle on the first rental company’s rate you find, shop around first to see if you can find a lower price. You can also search for smaller rental companies at your destination that might offer cheaper prices since they are not as popular as bigger companies like Budget, Avis or Hertz.

9. Keep an eye out for extra fees

Just because a company advertises the lowest rate, doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll pay. Watch out for hidden fees so you aren’t charged for extra items like satellite radio or additional drivers.

10. Don’t pay for double the insurance

If you already have car insurance coverage, opt out of the over-priced insurance option from the rental company. Most insurance plans cover car rentals anyway, just make sure to check with your current insurance provider to confirm that you’re covered.

11. Just say “No” to the GPS

In this day and age, most people have a mobile phone with some sort of map app, so declining the GPS for $10 per day or more should be an easy decision.

12. Look out for better deals after you book

Even if you finalize your rental car booking, keep checking for price drops as your trip gets closer. If you choose not to prepay, you’ll be able to cancel your booking if a better offer appears.

13. Fill up your car before you give it back

When you’re en route to return your rental, check to make sure that your gas tank is almost completely full so you don’t have to pay additional fees from the rental company.

14. Gas stations: The further from the airport, the better

Try to fill up your tank at a gas station other than the one closest to the airport since they usually have inflated prices due to high demand.

15. Use car rental coupons

You might be surprised by how much you can save on your next car rental when you check for coupons or special offers on CNN Coupons. You could end up saving up to 50% or more just by redeeming a coupon code at checkout.

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