While cutting down your cell phone bill is a great way to save money, you don’t have to sacrifice network coverage or getting the latest devices to do it when you get service through AT&T Wireless.

Check out our nine best tips on how you can lower your monthly AT&T bill:

1. Opt for a prepaid plan

When you select a prepaid plan, you get extra savings by paying ahead of time. While this may sound restrictive at first, a prepaid plan is actually one of the most flexible options.

The savings start with the initial purchase of your device. You can get a discount of up to 50% off when you order your smartphone with a prepaid plan. The savings continue long after your purchase. Prepaid plans are only $25 per month for the first year, including unlimited talk and text with rollover data. You can also maximize discounts when you pay your bill three months in advance.

2. Take advantage of special discounts

AT&T Wireless has special discounts for public servants. If you’re a veteran, first responder, nurse, physician, educator or active duty military, you save 25% on your monthly bill. All you have to do is verify your status on AT&T’s website, and the discount will be applied to your account every month.

Corporate employees and students may also be eligible for discounts of up to $10 per month through the AT&T Signature Program. Search for your employer on the website to see if you qualify. Your specific discounts and benefits may vary, depending on your eligibility.

You can also check out our coupons page to find the very best AT&T Wireless coupons and discounts on everything, all in one place.

3. Bundle additional TV and internet packages

The more AT&T services you use, the more you save. If you’re already signed up for AT&T TV and/or internet, you can bundle these with your wireless service for a monthly discount of $10 off. You can also stream DIRECTV or HBO Max for free.

4. Waive your activation or upgrade fee

Regular customers often can waive activation and upgrade fees on their new devices. You can eliminate these extra charges by trading in your old device, switching to AT&T and bringing your own phone, shopping the sale section or choosing a plan that automatically waives these fees.

5. Add a line

Adding a line (i.e. another device) to your current plan qualifies you for savings, too. Whether you are purchasing a new device for your small business or for your kid’s initiation into the cell phone world, an additional line shaves off extra money from your bill. The specific discount varies with each plan, so log in to your account to see how much you can save.

6. Choose an installment plan

With an installment plan, you can gradually pay off your smartphone with no interest and no down payment. This discount lasts for up to 30 months, allowing you to enjoy the latest technology without the stress of an expensive up-front purchase.

7. Check your upgrade status

Not all upgrades are created equal. For example, when you purchase a new smartphone via the installment plan, you can save 50% by trading in your current phone. You’ll also be able to pay off your already-discounted device with no interest and no down payment. This perk is only an additional $5 per month and worth it for the money you save on an upgraded device.

8. Ask for a lower monthly payment

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and sometimes saving money can be as simple as asking! Call customer service to see if you qualify for additional monthly discounts that you may have missed on the website. Not into waiting on hold? Throw on a mask and visit the store to explore your options with an AT&T expert.

9. Sign up for autopay

Save the extra hassle of manually paying your monthly bill by signing up for auto pay. In addition to easy withdrawals for your monthly payments, you will also earn a discount on your bill! You can sign up for autopay at any time by logging into your AT&T account.

Don’t let a high cell phone bill steal your joy. Follow our tips to lower your monthly cell phone bill and feel all the love.